For property owners seeking liquidity in their assets and to fund new projects:

Estatoken provides the essential guidance, services and technology required to capitalize on Real Estate Investment Vehicles via Digital Securities Offerings (DSOs), also known as Security Token Offerings (STOs).

  • Compliance with regulations

  • Access to global investor communities

  • AI investor/investment matching

  • Global Marketing, Communications, Public Relations and Event expertise & execution

  • Full-suite of web and mobile tools

  • Programatic scale in retail investor marketing

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We partner with the booming number of STO issuers and help our clients develop a complete and compelling investment package, we guide the marketing and communications narrative across diverse global markets via flexible omni channel marketing, programmatic media and influence buying, with culturally aligned approaches.


Number of launched STOs by quarter: inwara data research

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Today, real estate transactions are being positively impacted by recent advances in technology. Traditionally investments in real estate could only be made through inefficient processes involving multiple intermediaries: As a result, it has been prohibitively costly and complicated for private investors to directly or indirectly own this constantly high performing investment class valued globally at USD $220 trillion.

With recent government regulations and central banking adoption of blockchain technology, it is now possible for counter-parties to exchange value in a secure, decentralized and cost-efficient manner. Now retail investors who collectively represent billions of dollars of liquid capital can access this asset class, to efficiently invest in a variety of high value real estate assets through a website or mobile app. Blockchain technology has disrupted the traditional transaction processes in the same way that the internet has disrupted communications, and the transactional costs to invest in traditionally inaccessible high value assets has become marginal.

Thanks to recent global government regulatory changes, it is becoming popular to invest in ‘Real Estate backed Digital Security Offerings (DSOs) or Security Tokens (STOs)**, whereby ‘Digital Securities Token-holders’ receive a share of the net profits generated by a portfolio of income producing real estate properties owned by a ‘DSO Investment Vehicle’. Compared with alternative investment vehicles like REITs, Real Estate backed Digital Security Tokens are far more efficient and a potentially liquid solution to investing in real estate, with additional value in many cases, such a travel VISA’s, residency and tax incentives*.

* Real Estate Investment Vehicles include advantages based on their location, such as tax incentives, visa’s, residency and passports etc.

**Only qualified investors in applicable jurisdictions can invest in DSO.


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