La Estancia Holdings Ltd. to Launch the Caribbean’s First Real Estate-backed Digital Securities Offering

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GRAND CAYMAN (May 10, 2019) La Estancia Holdings Ltd., a Cayman Islands-based holding company, announces it will launch its Digital Securities Offering (DSO) token symbol, "LAEST," on May 15, 2019. The La Estancia Token will be available for private sale to qualified accredited and institutional investors based on the qualification requirements in their respective jurisdictions. The token represents an equity ownership stake in La Estancia Holdings, which includes 18 income-producing luxury residential real estate properties collectively valued at US$8.5 million.  The properties are under a long-term commercial lease contract yielding an 8% annual return.

"We have a unique commercial leasing environment in La Estancia thanks to the government’s exceptional progress in making the Dominican Republic the No. 1 Island economy in the Caribbean. The LAEST Digital Securities Offering represents a solid and growing investment opportunity that we wish to make available to both institutional investors and qualified individual retail investors who traditionally have been priced out of that asset class," said La Estancia CEO Armando Cignarale.

The company’s carefully curated portfolio of trophy assets ranges from villas to luxury apartments located in the five-star Dye-designed La Estancia Golf Resort in La Romana, the Dominican Republic. The tokens provide additional tax and residency benefits for eligible investments as well as preemptive rights to subsequent real estate-backed DSOs.

"In recent months, the number of digital security token offerings has seen exponential growth.  We intend to bring a substantial pipeline of income-producing real estate-backed DSOs to market in the next 12 months, as we work to build both the supply and demand sides required for true liquidity in real estate investments," Cignarale added.

About La Estancia Holdings Ltd.
La Estancia Holdings is a leading investor in the Dominican Republic real estate market, benefiting from long standing relationships with the government, businesses and citizens.  It offers fractional ownership of high-performance real estate asset portfolios in the Dominican Republic and leverages blockchain technology to streamline the investment process and drive liquidity for investors.

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